Paros, one of the most stunning Greek islands, was recently voted as one of the best islands in the world. Ideal for each type of tourist, it has numerous things to do and see as well. There truly is something for everyone! For all the photograph lovers, that always search for the perfect spot to take a great photo, or just for all the romantic souls that are in search for the most amazing natural landscapes, views and experiences, the island of Paros offers some hidden spots that are not known to everyone, some of which are also hard to reach. Let’s see below, starting from the easiest ones, how you can enjoy the best view of the romantic cycladic sunset!


The Capital of the island, Parikia, built inside a bay, authentic and beautiful, with its famous Mill and the white Cycladic beautiful alleys that give the feeling of a charming, atmospheric labyrinth, is particularly picturesque also thanks to its famous port and its long promenade just near the sea (Yannis Parios Street) with its perennial palm trees. It offers a lot of places for food and drinks throughout the day. Being one of the most central and bustling part of the island, it is certainly the ideal place for a stroll, especially during sunset. Enjoy a signature cocktail in the rooftop of the all Day Café Bar Bebop (the name is inspired by the popular rhythm of jazz), on the coastal road, with a unique view of the lovely sunset or from Kakao bar’s balcony, adjacent to Bebop, in a relaxed, lounge environment for an idyllic evening just above the sea.


The night life queen of Paros is undoubtedly Naoussa, with its traditional architecture and authenticity. The port with its Venetian castle is enchanting. The scenery is complemented by the small boats at the port, the small churches and the colors of the sky and the sea that change every moment in the day. For Food in Naoussa you can go to Mario, Tsakpini, Mediterraneo, Mantzourana, Yemeni. For drinks at Somaripa Consolato, Agosta and Barbarossa. Try to have a walk in Naoussa during the afternoon, and find a place to sit, relax and enjoy the amazing cycladic sunset. It won’t be easy tho. The cafes and restaurants are always full of people, so try to be there early, or hope for your lucky star to shine and help you find the perfect seat!

St. Anthony Monastery

The historical Monastery of St. Anthony is located at the eastern end of the peak of the "Kefalos" hill, in the east of the village "Marpissa" or "Tsipidos", as it was called until 1926. The top of the hill is surrounded with the ruins of a venetian castle, the outer wall of which was built around 1500, by the Venetian ruler of Paros Niccolo Sommaripa. In the same position existed a fortress from the beginning of the 13th century, as the archaeological findings indicate, while the use of the castle is also confirmed by the Florentine priest Christoforo Buondelmonti, in the early 15th century. This is where the last page of the Venetian rule over Paros was written. After a long battle in 1537, the admiral of the Ottoman fleet Hajredin Barbarossa, subjugated the Franc ruler Vernardo Sagredo and conquered Paros. At that time, 6,000 Parians found a tragic end. The Monastery celebrates three times a year. St. Anthony (17 January), Prophet Elias (20 July) and Panagia Myrtidiotissa (September 24). If you are not afraid of long walks, this is an amazing place for the view it offers. From the top, you will be able to see a large portion of the island and enjoy one of the most beautiful landscapes of the cycladic islands and a majestic sunset that will make you fell like you are on the top of the world.

Korakas Lighthouse

The Lighthouse of Korakas is located at the northernmost end of Paros in the area of Paros Park. It is one of the 5 most beautiful lighthouses in Greece, since its architecture and location are of unique beauty. Perched High on its rock sculpted pedestal, it overlooks the aegean sea and protects the sailors. One of the most beautiful location in Paros, a panorama of colors, shapes and aromas and if you find yourself there during the sunset, there are simply no words that can describe its beauty.


The beautiful beach of Parasporos, just 3 km south of Parikia, is rightfully one of the most popular beaches on the island of Paros. Sheltered in a beautiful bay, this long, sandy beach is ideal for swimming, sunbathing and water sports, which are highly appreciated by residents of the island and visitors. This beach offers all the comforts that one might wish for a lovely seaside afternoon: a wide golden beach, many sunbeds and umbrellas, volleyball net, public showers, two seaside tavernas, two beach bars and plenty of Parking area – all overlooking the turquoise Aegean Sea. The beach is very popular with people that enjoy the sunny summer days of Paros, while the most fanatics do not hesitate to stay after their swim to enjoy the amazing sunset due to the western orientation, eating in one of the picturesque tavernas. A lot of them continue with drinking and dancing in one of the lively beach bars until late at night. Parasporos Beach is easily accessible from Parikia by car, motorbike or regular bus services.

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