Paros villages: dreamy sea and an ancient soul still intact – Part 1

The island of Paros is part of the Cyclades archipelago, one of the most beautiful islands in Greece. Here you can find everything you can imagine from a holiday on a Greek island, but without the chaos and the worldliness of other famous islands. The characteristic villages of the island that still remain beautifully intact deserve a visit.


Paroikià is the island’s capital, the center of every activity. Here is the port of the island, for passengers and goods, and also  the administrative and economic center of Paros.
Paroikià offers the opportunity to spend a comfortable stay with all the facilities that is equipped with a modern town for its visitors. There are agencies from major banks, tourist agencies, car rental offices and motorbikes, etc.

Walking through the traditional paved alleyways, you can admire the Cycladic beauty and the hospitality of its inhabitants. You will find cafes, traditional taverns and restaurants to suit all tastes.

Walking in the old town, it will surprise you over the course of a whole day. You will discover old town alleyways around the Castle, but also along the coastal road, you can visit the many small shops, but above all you can make a trip through the past, through centuries of history , the traditional Cycladic houses, Neo-classical residences, ancient monuments, small bridges and fountains, chapels and tiny churches.

Paroikià offers many opportunities for recreation. As soon as the sun sets, the town’s nightlife begins in the small bars, in live music venues, clubs, until early in the morning. The biggest event of the city takes place in mid August, with the feast of Our Lady Ekatontapilianì, when the whole island celebrates.


Naoussa, the second island village, in size, with the largest fleet of Cyclades, north of the island, still retains the beauty of Venetian architecture.

Close by are the villages of Ambelas, Santa Maria, Aghii Anarghiri, Kolymbithres and Kamares, while all around the beautiful beaches of Piperi, Fykia, Kolymbithres, Monastiri, Aghii Anarghiri, Rifarà, Laggheri, Santa Maria and Ambelas.

The village of Naoussa developed perimetrally around the port of the same name during the Byzantine Age. It was a fortified town with walls that reached the Venetian bastion, of which ruins are still preserved to this day.

At present, this beautiful well-sheltered harbor is always full of fishermen with their products, fish and seafood. Naoussa is one of the most beautiful fishing villages of all of Greece because it has preserved its genuine island character, but has also retained its glamour.

The old fishermen’s stores have turned into taverns, cafés and ouzerìs, where fish specialties are offered. The cafes and bars come alive most of all in the evening, when holiday makers from all over the island come to Naoussa to have fun in the morning.

If you go inland, Naoussa reveals a network of lime whitewashed lanes, bright and in the traditional Cycladic style, showing the island’s culture harmoniously combined with its glorious past.

The inhabitants of Naoussa are lively people who enjoy having fun with singing and dancing. Every summer, on the first Sunday of July, the wine and bread festival is organized. A great party is also the Corsair night, on August 23, with the representation of the pillaging of the country by pirates. In the end, fireworks, celebrations and wine to accompany seafood specialties for all.


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