Paros is one of the largest islands of the Cyclades, with its central position,  allows you to explore them all around. The island has the shape of an ellipse, with 168 km of coastline and is located west of the island of Naxos, east of Antiparos. The population living in Paros is about 12000 inhabitants and is distributed among the various population centers. The ships reach the island in a few hours. Its connections are very efficient; It is equipped with all basic infrastructure. At the center of Paros, the two hill tops Needles Pantes and Stroumboulas (800 m) stand. These hills stretch in all directions along the fields down the slopes, sometimes covered with bushes, trees and water, that reach the coasts, shaping them in the delta, where they develop rich aquatic habitats, with numerous streams. The land has a flora amongst the richest in Europe. It is embellished with beautiful mountain wildflowers , whole plant communities of arid plants growing on the seashore, but also aromatic and medical herbs on the low-altitude hills. More than 200 species of birds have been recorded on the island, which feed in the salt marches and forest.