Greek Island Cuisine – Part 3

The Cakes have a very intense taste, as well as everything on these islands, and as for desserts, they are all very sweet.The most popular desserts are the “baklava”, made with strips of pastry filled with chopped almonds and honey, the “kataifi”, very similar to the “baklava”, except that the pastry is shredded, the “galacto” Always based on pastry and milk cream.

Also famous are some sweet biscuits like the “melomakarona”, with the classic flavor of cinnamon, honey and pistachios and the “kourabiedes”, fragrant biscuits filled with almonds and sprinkled with icing sugar. These cookies are usually prepared for Christmas holidays, while local uses provide for a New Year’s Eve to prepare a sort of donut, the “vassilopita”, hiding a coin inside it, usually of gold or silver.

Tradition wants the host to share the sliced ​​pie to the guests, and distribute them according to a precise order, starting with the first slice  to prevent deciding where the coin will go ( If you have noticed its position at the time of cutting). Those who find the coin will be lucky all year long …. A very special sweetness is, finally, the “halvas”, of Arab or Oriental origin, based on sesame, the unmistakable taste, a flakey consistency , often Flavored with vanilla or cocoa . Greek sweets are made with calorific ingredients such as pastry, butter, cream,  with abundant use of dried fruits, syrups and honey, and for those who are not used to it , they may be too sweet.


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