Greek Island Cuisine – Part 2

Think of Greece and what immediately come to mind are the  islands, the sea,  Greek salad, moussaka and souvlaki. It is true that all restaurants offer traditional dishes, but while being simply prepared, Greek cuisine in its simplicity never disappoints.

The Appetizers are an important moment for the Greek meal. The “mezedes” often make up the whole meal, and consist of one or several courses, usually there are always olives, feta or some other cheese, some pickled or grilled peppers and a few slices of salami, anchovies or small fish . There are numerous salads that can be taken as an appetizer and as accompaniment to dishes. The most famous is “tzatziki”, based on yogurt, garlic and cucumber, which goes well with the second course of grilled meat. Tasty and at the same time delicate is the “taramosalata”, salsa based on fish eggs. Much more decisive is the taste of “skordalia”, a garlic puree, well suited to  fish. For eggplant lovers it is absolutely mandatory to order a “melitzanosalata”, while  it is also advisable to  try a salad with potato bacon (“patatosalata”) and for  tuna lovers  the “tunasalad “Do not miss the” tyropitakia “, baked cheese in small triangles of pasta,” tyropites “sisters, tasty for breakfast or snacks, much larger in size than chocolate.” Moussaka “is one of the” Musts “of Greek cuisine made with ragu and tomato sauce, while the pasta is replaced by aubergines and potatoes, stuffed with bechamel and baked eggplant.

In all the places you can order the famous “greek salad” based on chopped tomatoes, sliced onions, pieces of pepper, smoked or grated cheese, black olives (possibly Kalamata type), sliced cucumbers, all seasoned with Abundant extra virgin olive oil.

The fish in Greece is the perfect dish for its freshness, tasty are the strictly fried squashes (“kalamarakia”), the fantastic grilled octopus, shrimp, prawns and imperial shrimp.  Cod or a similar type of fish is common , strictly accompanied by “scordalia” sauce, based on garlic and boiled potatoes. The swordfish souvlaki (swordfish skewer) is definitely worth a try. Very diffused in Paros is  the “gouna”  fish which is dried in the sun and served grilled and has a  great flavor.

The meat in Greece is really good, it is certainly cooked in the “carvouna”, with  skewers. The famous “souvlaki” are cubes of meat on a skewer. Small souvlaki can be taken with the pie “souvlaki me pita”, where the focaccia wraps, besides the pieces of meat, a little sliced onion, pieces of tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and sometimes potatoes, with the inevitable touch of “tzatziki”. Similarly, this is done with the “giros”, pieces of sliced meat, usually coming from layers of mutton stuffed and cooked in a huge and vertical skewer.

Lamb (“Arni”) and  pig (“Kirini”) are often cooked on thick skewers over burning charcoal. This  means that there is also a large variety of baked meat dishes, especially lamb based. Widespread dishes are “keftedes”, fried meatballs, and “soutzoukakia”, meatballs with red sauce. A special dish is represented by “kokoretsi”, lamb’s internal lamb, braised. Another dish appreciated by tourists, especially children, is certainly the “bifteki”, a Swiss  steak with a special flavor given by local spices, and the classic “pork brisket”, very particular for The particular cut of meat in Greece. In the premises often the second course is brought in the style of a single dish, so if, for example, we order a “souvlaki” or a “bifteki”, they arrive at will, usually with rice, potatoes or cooked vegetables.


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