Autumn in Paros, charming pearl of the Cyclades

Are you looking for a trip to a seaside resort with a mild climate and interesting culture? Paros or Mykonos are a great destination.

These southeast islands of Greece are breathtaking, ideal for sea and sunshine holidays – these are the most famous Greek islands of the Cyclades and are a fundamental part of the ever vibrant Hellenic tourism.

Not only in the summer, but also in the mild autumn climate, the Cyclades Islands can be the ideal destination for those who love the sea and cultural travel. Especially if you think , in contrast to the summer season,  autumn is the quietest time to discover the “pearls” of the Aegean in their authenticity.

Paros and Mykonos still have the charm of the ancient legends: from Homer to Hippocrates they were the home of illustrious names of antiquity. And then there is the beauty of the landscape: wide beaches, cliffs over the sea and fascinating isolated bays. The traditional white houses with  blue roof and semi circle shape , the old port of Mykonos with windmills (symbol of the island) and the Venetian houses of the 17th and 18th century on the sea, the picturesque harbor of Naoussa and the white churches of Paros: the atmosphere is a dream even in October.


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